Publication : Economic Times
Edition : New Delhi(25.09.2014)

AHMEDABAD: Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), which markets its products under popular brand 'Amul', has risen to 15th position among top dairy organisations of world in 2014 from the 20th rank within two years.

"GCMMF, which markets the popular Amul brand of milk and dairy products, is the fastest growing dairy organisation in the entire world," the company said in a release today.

"In 2014, AMUL has risen to 15th rank among the top dairy organisations of the world, as per the figurers released by International Farm Comparison Network (IFCN)- a leading, global dairy knowledge organisation," it said.

"This has been the fastest rise by any top-ranking dairy organisations across the globe. Just two years back (in 2012), Amul was ranked 20 in the list of top global dairy organisations," it said.

Amul has been one of the dairies that has increased its milk procurement by 40 per cent from 2007, the report said, adding that it had procured 4.8 billion litre milk in year 2013-14.

"Credit for this wonderful achievement goes to 33 lakh farmers of Gujarat who own Amul and whose entire dedication, hard work and commitment to excellence has resulted in this accomplishment," Amul Managing Director R S Sodhi said.

"GCMMF plans to achieve turnover of Rs 22,000 crore in year 2014-15," he said.

"Since India is the largest milk producing nation in the world, GCMMF will also one day fulfill its destiny of becoming the largest dairy organisation in the entire world and become the centre of gravity for global dairy industry," Sodhi said.

Other top-ranked dairy organisations in the list are multi-nationals while Amul primarily operates in India.

"Since the content of milk solids is much higher in Indian milk due to presence of buffalo milk, Amul would have been in top 10 dairy organisations had the ranking been done on the basis of milk solids," the release said.


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